About The Product Photographers Surrey


Why We Started

There are almost 9 million people living in London, whereas only around one million live in the whole of Surrey and less than a tenth of those live in the town of Guildford itself.

Due to the smaller market for photography, photographers who work outside of London and large urban areas tend to be generalists and typically undertake various forms of portrait or event photography such as family portraits, pet photography and/or wedding photography. Many of these photographers are excellent at what they do and customers can in general expect high-quality photography.

Product photography, however, requires years of technical experience and training and it is important to invest in a very different set of specialist skills and equipment to achieve truly professional results.

For this reason and given the close proximity of London, many of the best Product Photographers gravitate to the big city as the fees that can be earned there are some of the best in the world.

This has created a problem for the growing number of companies who were and are taking advantage of the internet and modern transport systems to develop successful businesses outside of major cities.

How were they going to get excellent food and product photography without the time, effort and expense of travelling to London and having to stretch their budget to the limit to afford the hefty fees of London-based photographers?


What We Do

Back in 2007 I decided to offer a solution to this problem and also to achieve the lifestyle my wife and I wanted for ourselves and our children.  At that point, I had spent nearly 2 decades working at the very highest levels of photography in London. My clients list included Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, BBC Channel 4, QVC and many, many more.  At the age of 40, I was far too young to retire, but my wife and I both wanted to take ourselves and our family out of the hustle and bustle of the city. So I decided to put my years of experience to good use and founded “Johnny Taylor Photography” to provide a viable solution to the problems for the many local businesses in Guildford and the surrounding area.

As well as making a significant investment in building my wonderful studio in the lovely village of Elstead, I also made it a point of principle to offer a service which was efficient and friendly as well as affordable. I wanted my clients to feel comfortable that they were dealing with a real person, someone who understood their needs and wants and was prepared to go that extra mile to help them to make their business a success.

My initial expectation was that my business would start slowly and build up as word spread and customers recommended me to their friends. I was stunned to discover that it actually only took a month for me to be fully booked and to have my first repeat customers.

Over the course of the intervening years, the business continued to grow and in 2016 we changed our name to “The Product Photographers Surrey”, partly to reflect our speciality and partly to reflect the fact that we are now a small team rather than just a one-man-band.

In many ways, however, the business has remained the same and our aim is still to offer professional and personal service at prices which are within the range of smaller businesses. Thanks to this approach, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some truly wonderful customers and are always happy to take new ones on board.