Food Photography in Guildford, Surrey

Food photography isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes skill to get sharp clear images that are realistic, whilst making the food look mouth wateringly delicious.

If you use food photography for your menus, online sales, your blog or recipe books, The Product Photographers in Guildford can create beautiful images for any food photography project.

The Art of Food Photography

The secret of good food photography is to make the food look appealing, realistic and to draw the viewer’s eye to your product immediately. With the right lighting, colour and depth an experienced food photographer can do just that. 

Food Photography and Lighting

Natural lighting is best for food photography, so using a location that provides natural light is ideal, but if it’s not possible then artificial light can be used with the help of diffusors and reflectors. Whether you want to come into my Guildford studio, or have the photographs taken on location, I have all the necessary equipment to take great photo’s anywhere. 

Food Photography and Colour

Colour is important in food photography and knowing which colours contrast well with each other helps to turn an ordinary photograph into a stunning image. If you want your food to be photographed showing a table setting or other any other objects, consideration needs to be given to how the other objects effect the colour and mood of the picture. 


As  professional photographers we can make the difference to your food photographs because we know about the importance of angles, depth, lighting and colour and how to get the best photograph possible from your food whether it’s hot, cold, a piece of lone lettuce or a dish full of flavoursome ingredients, I can make it look tempting and delicious. 

Food Photography and Style

The fresher the food the better it looks on a photograph, but there are ways of making food look good for photography even if you can’t supply it freshly cooked, chopped or peeled. Iced water, a little oil and attractive, clean plates are all that are needed. Photographs that include steam or movement such as pouring cream or gravy can also have a great impact on the image of the food. 


We have a great deal of food photography experience, so just ask us if you have a feeling for a photograph. We can tell you whether or not it will work and maybe suggest other ideas that will bring your photograph to life for you. 


Food photography isn’t as costly as you think and it can make a big difference to your marketing efforts. Good photography will attract people to your book, advertising material or your restaurant, so it is money well spent. Have a look or my pricing page to get an idea of our charges and if you need a quote then phone us on 07970 025 426 or, fill in the form on our website contact page. The Product Photographers, Guildford also do product and pack shot photography for individual business owners or corporate companies.