Product Photography on White

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Product Photography on White Backgrounds

This type of photography is excellent for use on Websites Online Retail or E- Commerce websites.

Each product is photographed on a pure white background and is carefully edited to remove dust and minor blemishes and then colour corrected and supplied on a format of your choice.

Your images will be made available for instant download once the photography has been complete.


As much as you might be able to describe how something looks, but that’s nothing compared to seeing a photo. If you’re someone that is selling a product you want someone to instantly have a need for what you have and this can be created by decent photography. By getting creative with photography you can create a story and help to tell people why they need what you have. As product photographers we’re experts in making your products look good. The chances are that what you sell is already fantastic and it’s important that this comes across in the best possible way via photography. This isn’t just a case of snapping a quick photo, it takes precision and the right type of equipment to get the best out of the images that have been created.

Whether you’re looking to showcase products or you just want a catalogue of images we’re Surrey based commercial photographers that would be more than happy to help.



Why Professional Product Photography is so important for your business

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” has been around a long time, but it has never been so true as it is now, when time-pressed customers are increasingly using product photography as a basis for a quick decision on whether or not it’s worth them investing any more of their time even to consider the product in question as a potential purchase.  This is, presumably, the reason, why there are currently numerous internet tutorials on packshot photography for business owners who want to save on the cost of professional photography.  In the interest of balance, therefore, we’d like to offer three reasons why professional product photography is a crucial investment in your business and why The Product Photographers are the best choice for businesses in Surrey.

Professionals have the relevant gear and know how to use it

We fully acknowledge that smartphones and compact cameras have come a long way and that using them even on automatic settings can produce some great pictures – for social use.  For commercial use, however, DSLRs win out ever time and making the most of a DSLR means understanding the mechanics of photography, such as the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed.  It also means having the relevant equipment to allow the camera to perform at its best, everything from tripods and lighting to backgrounds – and actually knowing how to use it effectively.

Professionals understand the importance of context

While the default option for packshot photography may be a blank, white background, there are numerous instances where it is better to use another background either instead of or as well as the standard white backdrop.  For example, if a business is selling itself as being local to Surrey, e.g., based in Guilford, Dorking or Woking, then it may be appropriate to use local landmarks in Guilford, Dorking or Woking to set its products in the local context of Surrey.  Alternatively it may be important to convey a sense of scale or to give an idea of how the product can be used.

Professionals maximize sales opportunities while protecting businesses from reputational damage

This point can hardly be emphasized enough.  Product photography is, ultimately, the art and science of presenting a product in a way which is both accurate and enticing.  Packshot photography which is too clinical can lead to lost sales as there is nothing to engage potential customers.  At the same time, photography which is too artistic can be confusing or misleading and lead to complaints and chargebacks.  This can result in seller accounts being closed and websites getting bad reviews or even complaints to trading standards.  The Product Photographers’ fee covers a lot more than our time and the use of our equipment, or even our knowledge of creating a compelling story through an image.  It also covers our understanding of the realities of using photographs as a sales tool.  The particular advantage of using a locally-based photographer, such as The Product Photographers, is that we are happy to build relationships with local businesses (e.g. those in Guildford, Dorking or Woking) so that we can understand their specific needs and create the best possible photographs for their particular situation.